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Cambridge Projects

Page history last edited by Ellen Koier 10 years, 1 month ago

 Kindergarten How To's

Laura Lee Edgerton

Cambridge Elementary School


Description: Through this unit kindergarten students will produce a finished procedure writing project using technology to show their learning.



Edgerton academic choice.notebook

Edgerton Final Unit Plan.doc 


Edgerton Peer Checklist.doc


Edgerton Procedure Rubric.doc  


Edgerton sequencing projects.notebook


Stock Market Quest

Ellen Koier

Cambridge Elementary School


Description: 6th grade math students will follow a webquest simulation of stock market investments, using powerpoints, excel spreadsheets, the internet and mulitmedia presentations along the way.




 Cambridge Stock Market Webquest Unit.Project Plan.doc


Link to Stock Market Web Quest on Google Docs













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