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Peer Assessment Pairings

Page history last edited by Steve Webster 10 years, 6 months ago

Below are the pairings/groupings for peer assessment of project plans.


  1. Please upload your project/unit plan AND all relevant materials to the wiki on your team's page (team pages are by listed by school name).  Due by September 17, 2010.  

    Please note: We realize that your project plan may be a work-in-progress on September 17th.  Upload as much as you've got and hopefully the feedback you get from your peer(s) will aid you in completing or improving your project plan.

  2. Review your peer's project and assess it using the "Course Rubric--Peer Assessment" (on the course ning under "Course Resources").
  3. Email the Peer Assessment Rubric with feedback to your partner(s) and send Donna, Kristen, and Steve a copy, too.
  4. Make any revisions to your project/unit plan and re-post the plan and related materials to the wiki for final submission.  Be sure to email Donna, Kristen, and Steve to let us know your project is complete.  Due by November 17, 2010.


Note:  When all the projects are complete, we will create a "Final Projects" page with links to all the teams' projects.



David Bailey dbailey@sbschools.net

Matt Lutz  mlutz@cssu.org


Matt Lutz 

David Bailey

Amy Downing adowning@anwsu.org

Julie Rapoport jrapoport@montgomeryk8.net 


Julie Rapoport

Amy Downing

Laura Edgerton  wazonli@yahoo.com

Kaitie Walcott  kwalcott@sbschools.net


Kaitie Walcott

Laura Edgerton 

Judy Elson  jelson@anwsu.org

Steve Schmidt  sschmidt@sbschools.net


Steven Schmidt

Judy Elson 

Lydia Hibbard lhibbard@anwsu.org

Ellen Koier ekoier@myfairpoint.net 


Ellen Koier

Lydia Hibbard

Amelia Lutz    alutz@sbschools.net

Mary Tierney mtierney@cssu.org

Martina Lemm mlemm@sbschools.net


Mary Tierney

Martina Lemm

Amelia Lutz

Corey McKenzie   cmckenzie@sbschools.net

Rob Gervais rgervais@fnesu.net


Rob Gervais

Corey McKenzie 



Tammy Davis tbuck44@comcast.net

Colleen Marshall marshallvt@comcast.net


Colleen Marshall

Tammy Davis

Luke Goyette lgoyette@sbschools.net

Joanne Casey jcasey@sbschools.net


Joanne Casey

Luke Goyette

Mary Woodruff mary.woodruff@cesu.k12.vt.us

Charlie Quavelin cquavelin@sbschools.net


Charlie Quavelin

Mary Woodruff

Helen Anne Cafferty helen-anne.cafferty@cesu.k12.vt.us

Martha McClintock martha.mcclintock@morrisville.org

Martha McClintock 

Helen Anne Cafferty

Jill Wilkens jwilkens@sbschools.net

Tom Kessler tkessler@sbschools.net


Tom Kessler

Jill Wilkens

Carrie Felice carriefelice@hotmail.com

Christine Anderson andersonc@csdvt.org


Christine Anderson

Carrie Felice

Dori Cedeno dorienne.cedeno@morrisville.org

Melissa Towle mtowle@bfafairfax.com


Melissa Towle

Dori Cedeno 

Tina Cole tina.cole@cesu.k12.vt.us

Steve Menz steven.menz@cesu.k12.vt.us  

Meg Daniels meadani@gisu.org


Steve Menz

Meg Daniels

Tina Cole 

Pat King patricia.king@cesu.k12.vt.us  

Karen Wiltshire karee.wiltshire@cesu.k12.vt.us


Karen Wiltshire

Pat King 

Barbara Yerrick byerrick@anesu.org

Mandy Poquette manpoqu@gisu.org


Mandy Poquette

Barbara Yerrick


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