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MMU World Languages

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MMU World Languages


by Gretchen Coleman and Jen Wissell



This is an end of the year project whose goal is to help students prepare for the final exam.  It is the first opportunity students have to create a substantial written work in the target language.  Our aim is to help students synthesize their knowledge and strengthen their basic language skills.  We will use technology as the medium of communication.  Students will create a digital publication to tell their story and post it on Moodle for class discussion.  The unit begins with introducing the guidelines for the story and an explanation of the final product expectations.  In order to successfully complete this task students will need to draw on all of the grammar and vocabulary learned throughout the year.  On the first day they will decide the areas they need to strengthen and set the daily agenda for the remainder of the unit.  Each class period of the unit students will review the pre-selected topics and then work in groups to write their story.


You can view our unit here:



Unit Plan

21 Century Technology Teams Unit Plan Template.doc


General Project Guidelines


Final Project.doc


Students will use graphic organizers to outline their story.  Here is an example:



Students will choose which  type of digital pubilication they will create.  Here are a couple of examples:

my projec jww.doc




Students will be assessed with the following rubic


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