Erin Sorenson-1st Grade "All About Me" digital presentations

This project—creating a presentation using Photo Story 3 or a Flip camera video—is one of the core learning activities in a month-long, cross-disciplinary “All About Me” unit in my first grade classroom. Students will have the opportunity to learn about Photo Story 3 and the Flip cameras, and they will see my examples of both type of presentation. We will also work together as a class to create an "All About Our Class" presentation in Photo Story 3 and using a Flip camera. After students have seen what each type of presentation has to offer, the will choose which format they wish to use to create their "All About Me" introduction for the class and families to view.


I  have created two rubrics for this project: a Photo Story 3 Rubric and a Flip Video Rubric. Students will only complete one project and one rubric, as each project has the same learning goals and outcomes. I  have also created a Technology Skills Checklist which I  plan to use to assess certain GEs that will be observable during this unit/project.


I will post class and student examples of our presentations as soon as they are complete!