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Classroom and Project Management

Page history last edited by Donna Macdonald 10 years, 7 months ago

Classroom and Project Management Ideas

  • Log in and log out cards for younger students
  • K/1 Tech Time (biweekly)
  • Turn off screens
  • Three before me
  • Teach some kids new skill/technique—they teach other students
  • Prior student teach the next student (e.g., scanning)—all students teach others
  • Discovery time in classroom
  • Menu of choices
  • Students develop own “lesson plans”—what, how, how long, what learn, how demonstrate, timeline, etc.
  • Parent volunteers—Hands-off
  • Buddy with older students
  • Chat about what doing and why, initial steps, ready to go.  Big picture, clear vision of goals
  • Provide big picture, but introduce skills in manageable, “bite-size” pieces
  • Benchmarks/timeline for projects
  • Learning centers, rotate through
  • “Orbitals”—kids rotate through, some tech, some not
  • Stick notes on monitor if want help
  • Test software, web sites just before class
  • Technology needs to work
  • Backup plans for when the technology fails


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